How to get the best price on your house

buyers agent based in MelbourneIf only I knew then what I know now – so true, eh? Think about all of the things you could have achieved and all of the mistakes you could have avoided if only you’d just had lessons gained only from experience. I wouldn’t have dated that no good stupid-head for thirteen years and wasted my time and money taking a useless arts degree. I’d be in a much better place today if I hadn’t done those things. And now I’m saying the same thing about buyers advocates. Melbourne suburbs are rife with properties being sold at extortionate prices, and if I’d only had myself a decent buyers advocate I’d have made a much wiser purchase.

To be honest with you, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a buyers agent. I just thought that the real estate agent would take care of it. I entrusted them with the sale of my property and they mislead me into believing that I was getting the best deal. Their guile led me to believe that they were the authority and the best people to turn to while searching for investments, and if it wasn’t for their skulduggery I’d have been in the safe and trustworthy hands of a buyers advocate. If I had just been told that there was a buyers agent in Melbourne, and not just one but several, and that they would take care of my every need, from the research stage right up to attending auctions on my behalf, I wouldn’t be as cheesed off as I am right now. But ultimately, it’s my own fault. I was ignorant and oblivious of this amazing service that is provided to would be homeowners and those looking for investment properties. So you see, I’ll definitely be getting a buyers advocate next time I decide to buy a property, because real estate agents really just work for the sellers.