Real estate agent turned buyers advocate

buyers advocacy

I’ve been a real estate agent for twenty-odd years and I tell ya I’ve had enough. The whole process of helping people sell their properties is really starting to bore me. Plus there’s so much idiocy in the industry, I really hate working with imbeciles. I’m not a grammar nazi or anything like that, but when people can’t spell stuff you’re taught in primary school, it’s really discredits their professionalism. I mean, if you don’t know the difference between ‘you’re’ and ‘your’ or ‘they’re’, ‘their’ and ‘there’ or if you use apostrophes where no apostrophe is needed, then how can you be expected to sell a property and get a good price for it? How can you be entrusted with a task that has so much money at stake?

Thus I am considering switching sides to buyers advocacy. Melbourne has some prestigious property buyers agencies that I’m thinking of applying for. The idiocy in the real estate agency company is so pervasive that it really infects your life. Also, they’re overworked by greedy companies that pay their little employees the bare minimum. Working in real estate really is a mug’s game. Whereas I get the impression that buyers advocates actually have the time and get paid well enough to do their job properly. That’s why their services are more streamlined and personalised. They’re also on the side of the underdog, because you’re much more likely to get ripped off when buying than you are while selling. I mean, the property market is totally on your side if you’re selling and against you if you’re buying in this day ’n age, what with housing prices are painfully high and all of that. So, I’d much prefer to be a buyers advocate, inner Melbourne is where it’s at.