Cleaning the carpets the right way

My partner and I desperately need to get our bond back from the evil landlady upstairs. I don’t know why she’s so darn evil all the time, maybe she had a tough life. I think it may have something to do with the fact that she lives alone and isn’t married, she never smiles either. Ask anybody and they’ll tell you that a lack of smiles can definitely cause sadness, just like smiling bring happiness. In any case, it doesn’t appear like she’s’ been happy for a long time. She’s insisted on us hiring a carpet cleaner in Melbourne to sort out the stains before we move out. We had a few parties here and there and there are a few spots on the carpet and upholstery. Only after they’re clean will she let us have our bond back. We really need that bond so that we can put the money towards another bond on a house that we plan on moving into. I don’t want to say it’s expensive or anything, but let’s just say that this bond we will get back will go a long way towards getting the other place. Our new potential landlord says that it’s really important that we can pay the bond on time, as it’s a sign of trust and responsibility.

That’s part of the reason why we really need to hire someone for upholstery cleaning, Melbourne is the perfect city to live and I don’t want to ruin our renter reputation. We need to be out of this place on the 15th of this month, and we can move into our new place on the 20th. I have no idea where we will be storing our stuff for those nights, but we’ll make it work somehow. I wonder if the new tenants will be cool with us leaving our furniture in for an extra night before we actually move. Probably not, they can’t have us over, therefore they probably can’t keep our stuff safe. Oh well, I guess we’ll figure something out eventually. Maybe the cleaners will house us for the night. I’ll be that a house owned by a cleaner would be clean, that’s for certain.