Boating with my sister in law

bait boardsMy wife’ sister is flying in from New Zealand in a couple of weeks and we’re preparing for her stay. It’s her and her husband’s first time in Australia so we want to give them a great first impression of the place. They’re the kind of people who love nature, they’re not big into the big city bustle, but luckily we don’t live too close to the city. We live in a really nice area that’s not too far drive from the Murray. So we’re planning on taking them out with the boat for a day trip to do a bit of fishing and have some lunch somewhere nice. I’m going to have to get my marine fabrications and rod holders installed before they arrive.

I think we might have a picnic. It’s really pretty at this time of year around the Murray. The leaves are beautiful displays of red and orange, and the weather is quite mild. I know New Zealand and Australia are not that dissimilar but I don’t want to dismiss the differences in our culture. Perhaps we’ll barbecue some freshly caught fish from the Murray. All you need is some olive oil and a dash of lemon, and it’s better than anything you get in a fancy restaurant.

Oh, I need to remember to get some bait boards installed along with the fabrications for the boat. I might have to give it a good clean. It’s pretty dirty from all the trips we’ve taken it out on. There’s fish blood and guts all over the bottom of the boat.

I’m also trying to think of other outings we can have with our guests. We’ll take them to the beach as well, and to all the tourist spots. We’ve got some hot springs nearby which I’m sure they’ll enjoy.