Gloriously Tinted Moon Silos

home window tintingOur prayers as of late have revealed many things. First off: avocados are soon to experience a slight drop in price, although lattes will be slightly more expensive, thus balancing the scales. America’s president will make a speech, and some people will be very happy while some are angry.

Been having THAT dream a lot. It’s getting pretty boring.

Finally, we have all had the same dream, one of our glorious moon colony. Our time is soon! Although like many, I wonder how much my Earth skills will be contributing. I am an expert in windows, and thus I have much work to complete in terms of our vessels And our moon buildings. But then there is my hobby of home window tinting. Melbourne professionals are a source of fascination for me, and were my time on Earth longer, I would have liked to join them. I wonder…will tinted windows be useful on the moon? Certainly there will be those who wish to have more privacy in their moon silos than most. And then there are the members of the inner council, who have many secretive meetings. Perhaps they would like some tinting on the windows of their secret chambers, so that no moon spies can read their lips through the glass and find out all their moon secrets. Their great and wonderful moon secrets.

Surely, there will be room for some sort of window tinting. I think it is a good thing, and in time, our moon society will have need of many good things that we have imported from Earth. From now, I’ll continue to learn from all the residential window tinting experts in Melbourne, while we design our colony spaceships. And our silos. And then I’ll definitely need to make it to the meeting on Wednesday night, because people need my glass expertise for the agricultural biodomes…