When skills cross over: packaging and bags

security packagingI’ve done a lot of different jobs in my time. Really diverse things from working in the manufacturing industry, hospitality and in education. Now I work at an English language testing institution that do the exams. We do the tests that grade internationals on their English. Often these exams are required for admission to university here. It’s a good job. I supervise and make sure all the students know what they’re doing during the exam. I also have to make sure nobody cheats. It doesn’t pay very well but what are you going to do.

They’re introducing a new thing now at the place where I work where the tests need to be packaged after completion. My boss ordered tonnes of manila envelops from the local stationary store but I told him there was a better way. I used to work at a factory that packages sweets and had connections with Australian food packaging. I don’t know how I knew this but they also provide secure bags and tamper evidence bags which I thought would be more appropriate for the exam situation.

I wasn’t expecting there to be any crossover between my previous employment and my current one, but there was. I was glad I was able to help my boss. She called up the packaging company and she asked them if she could order some secure bags and they told her that the can produce bags specially designed for exams.

When we got the security packaging bags in they made a huge difference. Even as I was collecting the exams I felt confident knowing that they were secure. IT really put my mind at ease which is not something you can say for being an exam supervisor. It’s a really stressful job! I’m thinking of becoming a cab driver instead because that seems to be quite lucrative at the moment.