Better Bathrooms, Here and in Animation

Melbourne bathroom designersEveryone is buzzing about VR lately, and I personally can’t wait until it’s a real thing. See, people like me are cursed. My love for Japanime has shown me that things could be so much better than they are in real life, and yet, it is something I could never have…unless we get totally-immersive video games at some point in the near future, and then it’ll be awesome. The world of the digital can be shaped however we wish, just like in ‘Digi-Mon-Day’, except without the calculator business and world saving. Although it WILL save the world, just you wait!

So anyway, until that day comes, I’ve been checking out the incredible new anime from Dinky-Dai-Animations, which is all based around…bathroom renovators. See, even things like that can be made incredible by the power of creativity and animation! In real life, I wouldn’t have much of an interest in bathroom renovations. Well, except if they involved putting in an extra sink, because my sister hogs it something fierce. And then maybe it’d be nice to have a shower that actually worked, instead of the rubbish hot-cold drip we have now. And a bath…yeah, one of those would be cool. It’s just nice to have options when it comes to the winter, you know?

Okay, maybe bathroom renovations are a bit more interesting than I thought, but you know what makes them even better? An anime about bathroom renovators who do that, and also protect the bathroom from evil spirits! There’s nothing worse than being attacked by a demon while you’re trying to brush your teeth, and that’s the type of professional¬†bathroom designers¬†I can get on board with.

Though if someone could stop the dripping and maybe get us a new sink without all the limescale, in real life, I wouldn’t exactly complain…