Repairing the stovetop before a big day

Blanco repairsI’ve been planning my boyfriend’s birthday for weeks. I’ve organised a surprise party with all of our friends and bought a tonne of food which I was going to cook while he was out for the morning. The day came and just as I was turning the stove on for my morning coffee, I discovered that nothing was working – not the oven, not the stove top not even the range hood. I was about to tear my hair out. What was I going to do with all of the food I’d purchased? There were rice balls I’d made the night before, and a casserole that was ready for baking. I couldn’t cook any of it! I quickly got on the phone to dial Blanco repairs. Sydney companies can get to your house pretty quickly, but it wasn’t going to be fast enough, I only had a few hours until all of the guests arrived. I was in quite a jam.

I ran outside to my car, about to hop in and head to my Mum’s place, but I stopped and ran back to the house, thinking it was better just to wait for the repairs. Then I changed my mind again and headed out for the car, juggling baking dishes and handfuls of ingredients. My neighbour poked his head over the fence and asked what I was doing. I told him my problem and he offered for me to use his oven. It’s a little bit weird working in a strange kitchen, but it was my best option. I took him up on the offer and starting cooking, while the repairs company arrived. Turns out the company doesn’t just specialise in Blanco appliances but also Bosch and Chef repairs. Sydney CBD must have all the global brands for stoves and cooktops so it’s no wonder they can cover all bases, and my neighbour decided to get a bit of a maintenance done to his appliances so as to prevent what happened to mine. Thanks to him, I got all of the food cooked in time for the surprise party. My boyfriends was delighted and we had a great day.