Skeleton drain

drain unblocking MelbourneOur bathroom started leaking. There was clearly a problem with the drains. We didn’t know what was going on until we called the company who do blocked drain Melbourne services. They stuck a camera into the wall and that’s when we saw it: The rat holocaust. It’s as though the pied piper of rats whistled his tune and all the rats followed him into the sewage system and the drains which led under the house. Then the flash floods came and they all drowned. It was messed up. Bodies everywhere. All piled on top of each other, half decomposed. Towards the bottom of the drain it was like a skeleton graveyard, littered with the ghosts of rats gone by….

Thankfully the drain unblocking company could fix it. It did take a bit of tearing up of the bathroom floors though. They had to get right under there to get rid of the decomposing rats. My brother is a total sicko and wanted some photos from the drain camera inspection. He wanted to use them for his metal band’s album art, which I think is totally morbid but of course, that kind of thing sells in the metal world. For days afterwards he was shredding and growling into his mic all songs inspired by the rat holocaust. It was kind of annoying because I had exams but anyway, I guess it probably improved my concentration because I had to work despite the racket. Whatever doesn’t kill [my grades] only makes [them] stronger. Drain unblocking Melbourne wide must be one of the most revered services. I mean if they’re dealing with rats on a daily basis there must be some things in common you know with funeral directors and other such services. I don’t know, I’ll have to do more reading about it. Or I’ll ask my brother because he’s starting to become expert on the topic of unblocking drains.