Business signs saved my shop

business signsWe own a pizza shop near the city and we haven’t been doing too well of late. I don’t understand it, our pizzas are delicious. It could have something to do with the area changing. A lot of young people have moved away to be closer to the city and into younger, hipper areas, leaving only baby boomers and old people here. I guess they eat less pizza cos they have more leisure time to cook and more money for fine dining.

Anyway, the Mrs reckons we should invest in some business signs. Melbourne CBD has tonnes of signwriters that can do amazing things. They can make posters, LED light boxes and all sorts of things. She thinks we should get a big sign where all the other shops are to attract attention but I don’t think that’s our best bet. I think we should get a sticky decal for the car, and a nice design for our sign. The sign writers we’ve been looking at can also do the branding and design and I definitely think we need to re-do our logo. At the moment it’s a picture of a rotund Italian astronaut eating a pizza which is probably an offensive. Especially young people these days they’re really sensitive to racial stereotypes and cultural appropriation so that could be another reason why they’re boycotting our pizza. We need something that’s eye-catching while being inclusive and culturally aware.

I think we’re going to go for a car wrap. In Melbourne, driving around with a sign on your car can attract a lot of attention. I figure there’s probably a customer base just over in the next suburb, and the young people there would totally swing by to pick up pizza from our shop or get delivery at a few bucks extra. Trust me, our pizzas are so worth the delivery charge. They’re cheesy, greasy, juicy, amazing.