Bliss in the Offices

officeIt’s time to set these affairs in order. We can’t have a productive workspace if we’re all acting so immature, and it’s just not good for business whenever we have clients in. You see, there’s an office just downstairs, a floor below us. They’re all conveyancing lawyers around Melbourne, and things used to be tense between our two businesses even though we don’t really do any of the same work. There must have been some inciting incident. Anyway, ever since then, we’ve been in a gentle yet irritating war. They complain about us using their electricity, the people here complain that the conveyancers are stealing our customers on the way up the stairs. Quite why someone would come here for a lease car and end up wandering into a conveyancer’s place is beyond me. I think some of these rumours are exaggerated. In any case, there’s bad blood between the two floors and I’m sick of it.

That’s why I’ve organised a social calendar to bring the two together. We occupy the same building, and we do much of the same thing (that is, paperwork, wearing formal wear, dealing with clients), so there’s no reason we can’t get along. If the stories I hear are true, there may even be a few pranksters in both camps who need to apologise. All in all, what I really want people to realise is how silly the entire affair has been. I have no part in it, and even I get bristling looks from their receptionist as I walk past in the mornings! Then again, this could be the parking issue. We shan’t discuss the parking issue.

I’m planning to remind both parties that they are some of the finest at their respective businesses, car leasing and Melbourne conveyancing people, brought together by occupancy, and we have no reason to not be friends. And productivity will resume as normal.