The sport of conveyancing

conveyancing MelbourneIf you could win an Olympic gold medal in absolutely any pursuit, what would it be? I have an app that gives you a daily pondering, which you can mull over throughout the day. At whatever time, you can enter your answer and view the ones other people have sent in. Today’s are pretty great, with a lot of them to do with eating, or Netflix binge watching. One guy even said he wants the gold medal in unbroken days-in-a-row of coffee consumption. Talk about rewarding an addiction.

I do housing stuff for a living, so maybe…a gold medal for people who are conveyancing lawyer? Melbourne has a few of them for it to be a competitive field. With most people not even knowing how the process of conveyancing works, it could easily be a contest to see who can help someone with the property transfer the quickest. I can see it now: judges holding up cards with numbers, judging how well you handled the whole process. From inviting the client into your office to the moment they stepped in the door of their new home, everything would be under scrutiny. I’ll admit, it wouldn’t be the greatest spectator sport. Even the most dedicated of conveyancers would quickly switch off once the camera continued lingering on the competitor for the sixth straight hour of shuffling through paperwork. Seriously, there’s a frightful amount of paperwork involved. You don’t want to get anything wrong. Still, that’d be the judge’s problem. They have to sit there for the whole thing, after which I’d imagine everyone would start tuning in once the grand finale rolled around. Final points would be awarded for the handshake the sealed the deal. You’d be graded on firmness, length of hand-to-hand contact and the level of professional friendliness in the gesture.
So yeah, that’ll be my answer. If Melbourne property conveyancers ever came up for a bit of a competition, I’d throw my hat in the ring. Don’t mind a bit of a contest!