Chemical cures

I’m not one for fighting the signs of ageChemical peel Melbourne ing organically. I have friends that have been absolutely raving about how wonderful homeopathic remedies for menopause are, but if you ask me, that’s all a load of bull. It’s a hormone balance that causes all of the problem, literally a problem with all the chemicals in your body, so it makes perfect sense to add more chemicals to your body to balance it out. On top of that, it makes me super mad that those very same women who argue for natural cures are the ones who get botox once a month. The hypocrites! No, that’s not me at all. I’d really just be out and proud about the wonderful ways I use science to fight something that’s completely unnecessary in this day and age: getting older.

If I could fight age itself I would, but I can’t. But my word I am going to do everything in my power to stay on top of the sucker. For example, last week when I got back to Melbourne the dermatologist was the first place I went. I have a pretty good relationship with my dermatologist, after all I make a habit for seeing her pretty regularly to check for signs of cancer and things like that, and seeing as she knows me so well, she was able to recommend a treatment she thought would be just perfect for me: a chemical peel. Melbourne has quite a few different centres where you can get that sort of minor cosmetic treatment done, so I said, Sal, just sign me up. How wonderful!

With no injections or organic exfoliants or any of that rubbish a quick fix like that is just perfect for me. It’s all been wonderfully easy to arrange and I when I say I walked out a few days after that glowing, I mean it. It’s just too easy to look and feel wonderful when you cut all the other nonsense.