One manual therapy to rule them all

I’ve always had trouble with my muscles and joints. Aches and pains in places that most people don’t even know exist. I’ve been dealing with these troubles since I was a teenager when I got a couple of sporting injuries. I used to be very active but one day I sprained my back playing netball and I’ve never been the same since. With sporting injuries it’s like, once you’ve done the damage, you’ll never be the same again. But believe it or not, there’s actually a solution to most if not any time of sporting injury and that’s manual therapy. I’m looking into New Zealand dry needling courses for next year.

I figure that I’ve had enough treatments for sporting injuries myself to know better than anyone how to deal with it./ In fact, I find it a bit odd that many specialists in a particular area haven’t had related problems themselves. For example, many dermatologists have never had skin conditions and many gastroenterologists have perfectly healthy guts. I’m sure they do a great job at caring for and treating their patients however they can’t fully understand what they’re dealing with like someone who’s experienced it first hand. In my case, I’ve seen chiropractors, osteopaths and orthopedic surgeons and well as eastern practitioners of complementary medicine so I know a lot about this stuff. And from my wealth of experience I’ve found that trigger point dry needling worked the best for me.

Although I did find some dry needling courses near Adelaide I think I want to move to New Zealand anyway. I need a change of scenery but literally and figuratively speaking and hopefully start my new career in manual therapy with a fresh and open mind. Here’s hoping the Kiwi’s get plenty of sporting injuries.