Auto-Style, Just What We Need!

hair stylists South MelbourneYou know, I really think I’ve cracked the code of what’s been wrong with our mech-suits. And that is…hair. Unless you want one of those open-cockpit abominations that just shouldn’t exist, mech suits are often enclosed to offer the best protection and care. But wait, many cry! That will mess up my hair as surely as will a hat or hood, or some similar thing! Plus there’s just the generally untapped market of hair styling machines.

We can combine all that into one with our Mech-Suit Mark VII, now with an in-built hair styling service. Combined with the suit being able to serve you breakfast, navigate the appointments and a cooling system that keeps you fresh on those hot days, I really think we’re getting close to a real product.

Only problem now is that the hair styling…doesn’t work. We’ve contacted all sorts of hairdressers in the Melbourne CBD and asked for help in developing the project, and none of them seemed to think it would work. I mean…sure. It’s unprecedented, a series of metal arms that are able to style your hair in hundreds of different ways via vocal commands.

And okay, sure: a lot of the hairdressers raised the very good point that people wouldn’t be too happy with a robot using scissors around their heads. That’s why we go to hair salons, to get professional hairdressers to snip around our heads with scissors instead. If a hairdresser accidentally gives you a jab, they can say sorry and learn from the experience.

Alright, so, research it is. We just have to get our engineers to visit every single hair salon within the city limits, take as many notes as possible, and maybe hire a hairdresser to perform a trim so we can record it for our AI system. Any information is useful. I’ll do some research, look up all the hair stylists near South Melbourne, and complete our data-banks. I really think the auto-style function is what we need for mech-suits to be commercially viable, though.


For Flat Hair to…Fab Hair?

best hairdressers MelbourneCutting my own hair worked for the last sixteen years. I guess it’s pretty uncommon to go thirty years without going to a hairdresser’s, but I guess at some point I just started to get a bit self-conscious. Maybe I just wanted to see how they’d do. Well, I’m definitely impressed.

I work around the Melbourne CBD, and the hairdressers around the place are plentiful. I’ve half a mind to get around to all of them and find one that really fits what I’m looking for. I don’t know what I’m looking for, honestly. Don’t have enough experience, and for the last few years my singular haircut has been ‘flat, relatively even’.

So…this is going to be quite the journey. My very first haircut has left me with this strange-yet-alluring do with shorter sides and a rather long fringe. I have no idea how to maintain it, but I have it right now and it looks okay. Next, I think I’d like to try for one of those spiky numbers. You know the ones: everything else is relatively flat, while the fringe surges upwards like a mighty tidal wave. All the Korean pop stars have it, when they don’t have that 80s quiff that seems to be making a comeback. Alright, note to self…get onto that quiff. That do is going places.

I feel alive, I really do. I went to work straight after getting my haircut the other day, and I was getting compliments from all directions. People just weren’t used to seeing me with anything other than a flat and dull look…and now I understand everyone gushing over people who get new hairstyles. It’s such a good feeling that you do it to other people in the hopes that they’ll do it to you. I just never knew how much of an impact having a swish hairstyle can have on your life!

Next target is a hairdresser in David Jones. I’m think the 80s quiff, or…maybe a layered look with feathering on the outside. I have no idea, to be honest. I’m just googling this stuff.