Titans, An Uncertain Comedy

designer adhesive WallpaperI can’t say I’m convinced by ‘Titans!’, the recently-announced sitcom focused on the ancient Greek deities of the same name. I can see the appeal in taking these titanic mythological figures and putting them in ordinary, mundane and wacky situations as they just try to live normal lives. The trailer had a couple of good moments, like Atlas getting angry at Hyperion because he drank the last of the divine nectar and put the empty bottle back in the magical ice chunk, and he’s having the Olympians round for dinner so he goes out, and…

You know, describing comedic situations like that makes them sound a lot less funny than they are. Still, most of the trailer just…wasn’t funny. I get that they’re going for a bit of anachronistic humour, but there was like a thirty-second segment dedicated to Chronos whining to Gaia and Tartarus about how he wants designer wallpaper for his room depicting that one time he beat Uranus in an arm-wrestling conquest in front of the whole school. It was kinda funny when we saw the end result- a massive wallpaper mural of the event, blown way out of proportion and exaggerated- but I’m not sure the writing team has the chops to make an entire episode’s worth of jokes about wallpaper. They talked about it at the panel afterwards as well; said the ‘wallpaper episode’ was one they were really proud of. Maybe there’s going to be a B-plot about Atlas and Rhea sneaking out to go to the Amphitheatre to see a bawdy show and getting totally grounded, but…I dunno. The trailer was bad. Maybe it’s just a bad trailer, maybe not?

Or maybe they just got one of those sponsorships from a company that does digital wallpaper, meaning they had to write a whole thing into the script because money and stuff. I have nothing against people who make wallpaper or anything. I love that you can get digital wallpaper now. But I just don’t want a really good premise to be ruined by some sub-par writing, you know?