Unwanted body hair be gone!

mens laser hair removal MelbourneI’ve been reading about this great guy, Joe Jones, the man who single handedly changed the way that men think about laser hair treatments in Melbourne. All my life I’ve been what most people consider a rather hairy man. I know that people should be happy with the way that their body looks, but I can’t help it. I’ve always felt self conscious about the way my body hair looks, and as such, I’ve avoided the beach for several years. I hated the way that people would point and stare. I’d very much like to go back one day, since my wife likes to swim. This is why I’ve decided I’m doing it. I’m getting rid of my body hair for good. I need to be able to feel confident enough to not wear a shirt, and the only way I’ll do that is by following in the footsteps of Joe Jones. I’ve probably watched all of his documentaries,  I’m a huge fan of his work. I also eagerly watched the laser hair removal documentary he did with bated breath. Tomorrow I’ll be going to get my very first laser hair removal. Melbourne has an impressive number of salons that specialise in hair removal for men. I’m going to the same clinic that Mr. Jones went to in his documentary. I’m really happy with my decision, and that I get to be in the same place of my hero, walk in his footsteps so to speak. The lady on the phone at the cosmetic treatments salon was so kind to me. I explained my situation and she was very understanding. I asked if the procedure was going to painful, and was assured that most people only feel minor discomfort. To be honest I would have gone through with the hair removal regardless but it’s nice to know that it won’t hurt. I’m excited to surprise my wife with a smooth chest and back, she’ll be so shocked.