Meeting up with my marine fabricator

Today is going to be an exciting day, I can feel it in my bones. It’s not that I have a good feeling about this one (even though, believe me, I do) it’s that this morning I’m attending an appointment I’ve been awaiting excitedly for some time now. In my current state of semi-retirement, I’ve rediscovered something I loved dearly as a child – the sea. This rediscovery has occurred not only through an increase in swimming (although that I’ve taken to doing a few laps more now than I have in years) but rather, through the purchase of my small boat, christened ‘The Lady Arabella’ by yours truly. Arabella isn’t large by any standards, but gee, she’s a beauty. And, like any beautiful lady, I’ve made it my mission to have her fitted out with the best accessories I can get my hands on. Which is why I’m so excited to meet with this marine fabrication expert this morning.

I’ve talked to him over the phone a couple of times now and he seems like a really friendly sort of guy, but more than that, like he really knows what he’s talking about. Over the next few months, there are quite a few little bits and bobs that I’m thinking I’ll add to the Lady, but for now, I just want to meet with the fabricator and get a bit of a feel for him. Afterall, I plan for us to be working together quite a lot over the coming months, I might as well get to know the man.

The first thing on the agenda is going to be snapper racks. From the research I’ve done and the difficulties I’ve had while out fishing, it looks these should be the first additions to the boat. But that’s where meeting with the fabricator comes into play. I really want his opinion, his expertise, to guide me in the right direction. For all my passion about the subject, I know rather little. Hopefully, with his help, I can change that.