Painters saved our apartment

About two years ago, my partner and I moved into this shoebox of a town house. It’s in a great location but it’s a morbid unit if ever I’ve seen one. The hallways is so narrow you get the feeling you’re heading into the bowels of some underworld, and when you reach the living space crowded with kitchenette and too much furniture, you get the distinct sense of being trapped. The plaster in the bedroom is so cracked and caked that you lie in bed terrified the ceiling’s about to cave in on your, and the windowless bathroom looks like the shower in a Nazi concentration camp. We thought we’d “get used to it” but after two years, we decided to do something about it.

The first step was to call in the painters. Melbourne painting specialists can help turn your rathole domicile into a bijou apartment, or even add space when there isn’t much. Our cracking paint and plaster, fading and tearing wallpaper was all wrong for the house. They’d used dark, sombre colours like burgundy and mauve, which, instead of lightening and opening the space, it actually cramped it up even more. With our new paint interior paint job, the living area has actually become more capacious. Those painters really did a terrific job, so i’ll definitely be further recommending house painters. Melbourne apartments like ours, of which there are so many, could use a thorough make-over.

In addition to the paint job, we’re getting a new bathroom and kitchenette installed. One that doesn’t evoke the set of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest. I feel so much better after the painters came in, that I’m so looking forward to all of the renos. I mean, it’s amazing the impact it can have on  your mood and quality of life. The place you live, feelings of comfort, security and aesthetic appeal all make a big difference.