With the Power of my Entomology…

Alright, I’ll admit to being a terrible person. I am. I am a terrible person. But do you know what we even more terrible? Thanks for asking, I’ll tell you: this job. Every day it’s the same old slog. Enter data, talk to someone about entering data, talk and you get a warning, enter some more data, have lunch in the lunch-room where you complain about life, the kids and people stealing your lunch, then back to entering data while NEVER knowing if any of this is doing a lick of good. Sometimes Samara brought in coffee, because she is a beacon of light in a landscape of grey, but that’s it. That’s all I’ve got.

And that, readers, is why we now have a termite problem. I may have, um…introduced a few of them from my garden. I originally trained as an entomologist because of my fascination with insects, but there weren’t any jobs going. Oh, they got in the termite control people from Frankston, pronto as pronto could be, but I’ve been steadily introducing them over the course of a month so the damage has indeed been done. We’ve been given a week off work while they try to sort the building out, and honestly?  I don’t feel good about it any more. You happy? I got my wish, work is closed, the building is coming down and my victory is hollow as hollow could be.

The boss just seemed to down about the whole thing when he called everyone. I always thought he just stayed in his office, stony-faced and caring as much about the job as I did. So, like, nothing. But there was genuine sorrow in his voice as he told us all to take the week off. He WANTS to be there, working, and I’ve ruined his life, clearly.

I need to make this right. I’m sure Frankston pest control is perfectly equipped to deal with the threat, but it’s more than that. I, myself, need to leap into the fray with my entomology knowledge. This is my problem to solve! No idea how I’m going to do that, but unless I redeem myself, I’m going to live with this forever.


Termites Must be Removed

Frankston pest controlYou know what really bugs me? Bugs. Not just any bugs, mind you. Termites in particular. It seems like every other little critter in the world can live with humans in perfect harmony, sharing our world and generally being best of pals. Did you know, even wasps have their uses? They do the same things as bees, ask your mother. It’s true.

But termites…I just can’t stomach them. What good do they do? How do they help us live our lives? They don’t, short answer. They are little creatures of misery and destruction. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to erasing them from civilisation and history forever! My cunning plan is to roam Melbourne, Sunshine to Frankston, pest control agents near and far to hear my call. The thing about termites right now is that they do their damage, we get all up in arms over the one specific incident and then we just go back to our lives knowing that there are still gajillions of the little devils out there. How can we sleep at night, knowing that they’re hiding away in their damp piles of wood, plotting and scheming? Plotting and scheming with their little termite brains and nefarious chompers they use to tear through everything we hold dear. It’s shameful that they’re allowed to run rampant through our gardens, set up shop in our homes and we do nothing.

I need to organise a tactical strike. It’s our best hope for survival against these odds, and people are starting to realise. Every termite control agent working as one, not to react, but take proactive action. We will take the fight to them! Already, people are flocking to my cause. Well, some people. A few. I’ve got one company on board. A bit of a company. A few dedicated people within the company. A guy with some great connections. That is, a guy who knows a guy whose uncle does termite control in Dandenong. There’s no better place to start, right?