Organising the Office Bash…Alone

partyI swear, this place is overflowing with laziness. It’s not that the employees here are malicious- in fact, it’s one of the nicer ones I’ve worked in- but they are loathe to lift a finger. I asked the HR department to organise our end-of-financial-year celebration, something held in high regard as a place where we can all gather to let our hair down. Naturally, a progress check has yielded very few results. All it takes is a quick search, maybe a few phone calls around Melbourne function rooms to find one that will fit us all in. They couldn’t even do that much.

I don’t want to run this office from the shadows with an iron fist, but sometimes, my hand is forced. I’ve already made this office 36% more efficient by shifting around the furniture and syncing my phone with the boss’, so that every change I make to his schedule is automatically transferred over. My own workload has decreased by 11% due to my delegation of the more simply duties to Judith. She’s a simple creature, but competent enough with the proper instruction, and it’s not like she was really doing anything of importance. And so, the duty of booking a function room, ordering the catering, sending out the invitations and generally making sure we even have a celebration this year falls to me. How terribly…surprising.

I’ll pass on the duty of making an invitation list to Judith, as it will simply require her to list the office denizens and report back to me. Meanwhile, I have a few contacts in the industry who can give me a comprehensive recommendation. There should be a Melbourne function venue near us, which will minimise the complaints of travelling. After all this effort, any complaints had better be made either behind my back, or not at all.