Growing up with a tech addict

software development coursesMy brother has always been a big nerd. It started with television, then progressed to computers and video games, and finally onto mobile devices like phones and tablets. He loves everything about them from the games to the design programs – gosh, he can even do things with Microsoft Word you’d never thought possible. My parents and I always knew he’d get into IT when he grew up. We knew it had to be something involving technology whether that be development, design or even building robots!

It came as no surprise to us when he enrolled in the software development course. Melbourne has some of the best courses and diplomas for IT in the world, so he’s quite fortunate to have this opportunity. My brother loved his course from the get go and took to it like a fish to water. It was really cute to see his enthusiasm when coming home from Melbourne, describing his classes and assignments to us over the dinner table. He’d talk about developing applications and software and all the cool ideas he had for new programs. Turns out he’s doing really well in the course too so he’ll be making a lot of money some day. So much for being a nerd – he’ll be driving in a Lamborghini before he’s thirty.

I was never as heavily into tech stuff as my brother was, but when I saw how much fun he was having in his course, I actually pulled out of my arts degree and enrolled in an IT course. It was a bit more challenging because I didn’t know as much about information technology or software development as my brother, but after I while I discovered I had a lot of talent in this area too. All in all, growing up with a nerd in the family ended up leading me down a path I never expected. It’s also amazing how much influence older siblings can have over their brothers and sisters.