Finding the right solution

commercial solarThere’s something I’ve been looking into for a long time, and I’m getting extremely ready to commit, but the problem is, I still haven’t found the right solar energy company to go with. You see, I run a small business and we’ve made a commitment to our staff and our community that we’re going to employ more environmentally friendly measures. So far, we’ve introduced rigorous recycling policies and installed a filter in our tap to so that we no longer have to purchase bottled water, but I feel like we’re ready to take the next step and take much more drastic action. I’ve been looking into things, and from everything I’ve seen it seems like the next big step would be to install some form of commercial solar. Melbourne has a whole host of different solar companies, and so the trick will be to find someone I can trust working with.

That’s where the trouble lies. Even though I know how amazing solar can be for businesses in the long run, even for a company that’s on the smaller end of things like mine. I still have the lingering feeling that a lot of these companies are not being truthful. I want to be sure that the company I chose is genuinely looking out for my interests, not just trying to get a quick sale. I don’t want a band aid measure that makes me feel like my business is doing the “green” thing, but isn’t creating real change. I want long term, sustainable commercial solar solutions.

That’s the main reason I’m taking my time. It’s not that I’m unsure to go solar, I know how I want to do things and the kind of impact I want to leave on the world. I need to know that I’m working with a solar company that understands my vision. If that means waiting, then I’m happy to wait.