Sustainable housing with friends

I am in desperate need of some advice for my new home that is being built. It seems a little bit strange to ask my parents for help or advice when neither of them have any experience in construction. My parents aren’t even homeowners, they have rented their entire life. I don’t want to be like that, spending all that money and having nothing after years of spending. I want an investment, an asset. I hate the idea of wasting money paying off some other guy’s mortgage when I could be doing the same. Sure it’s a little more expensive but I am willing to work two jobs to make ends meet. I’m lucky because my partner works at a butcher and gets a lot of free meat at the end of her shift. Speaking of my partner I’m thinking of asking if she wants to buy this house with me. I know it’s a big move but I feel like she’s the one for me and that we’d be happy together. I’m going to take her out to dinner and try and subtly put the idea forward to see how she reacts. I’d ask her to marry me tomorrow if that were possible but until things charge living together will have to do. I’ve got an appointment this afternoon for a few beauty treatments to make myself feel more confident before I ask the big question. Pretty soon I’m going to need my monthly laser hair removal, Melbourne has some pretty impressive cosmetic treatment places. It’s not that I buy into the whole pressure from society to look a certain way. When I go and get cosmetic treatments done I do it to make myself feel good, not for any other reason. I don’t think people should be judged because they decide they want to look younger and get anti aging treatments. Melbourne is full of beautiful, independent woman who can look however they want. My girlfriend loves the way I look no matter what and I’m thankful to be with someone so supportive.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the kind of house that I want to own when I’m older. Both of my parents are environmental activists, I’ve grown up caring about our planet. That’s not to say that I’m perfect, I just like to do what I can for the world. If I’m going to have a house built it’s going to be done the eco friendly way. I want every material used in my green house in Melbourne to be from a sustainable source. Reclaimed and reused materials have because quite popular recently and have been featured in a number of style magazines. The only problem with this publicity is that reclaimed parts are much harder to find now. I’m always keeping an eye out for school closures so I can buy one of their portables to use as a base for my Melbourne environmental home. I’ve been researching all the possibilities and I already have a list of must have features including a water tank and solar panels. It’ll all come down to budget and what my better half wants in the end, I’m hoping my parents will help out a little. I have my fingers crossed that my girlfriend will be as excited by this idea as I am.