A very strange conversation

TV antenna installationI just had one of the most bizarre exchanges of my life. Unfortunately, it didn’t involve anything awesome or even particularly interesting, which is sad because, really, those are the best kind of bizarre conversations. This was more along the lines that I just had really no idea what was going on. It was actually almost like we were both having a different conversation – none of the questions and answers matched up. It was only later, when I was relaying the conversation to my dad, that he was able to work out what the heck was going on.

As it turned out, our neighbour can see our TV antennas on our Melbourne home from his house. About a week ago, he was looking out the window and noticed that the antenna was on a pretty steep lean, so much so that it was basically lying down parallel. From our house, and even from the street, you can’t see the antenna at all, so we had no idea why our tv signal had been so dodgy in recent times, which believe me, it has been. Most of the time, we can only get one channel, and even then it’s often pretty sporadic.

All this information is well and good, I mean, it’s going to mean that dad can finally fix the tv since now he knows what’s wrong, but the creepy delivery of this information has me thoroughly freaked out. There have been rumours floating around pretty much forever that the guy has some kind of problem, but nobody knows what it might be. He’s just a very odd man. And, helpful advice about Melbourne antennas aside, stopping a young woman in the street to talk about her ‘house stalk’ is really not acceptable social behaviour. Needless to say I was a little rattled afterwards.