Window repairs and exams

timber window repairsCould Mum and Dad have chosen a worse time to get the windows installed? Seriously, I’m right in the middle of exam period, stressing my brains out because I’ve got mounds of papers to get through on top of my usual homework and the part time job. I don’t see why we needed to get the windows repaired anyway. I think my parents are just way too rigid about everything. I mean we got timber window repairs in Melbourne only a few years ago and now they’re getting them again, only this time they’ve opted for replacement aluminium windows because apparently they’re easier to clean. Like they need any more cleaning. Everything in this house shines so much it looks like a hospital. The floor is so clean you could eat off it and there is not a trace of dust in the air. If mum spots the tiniest fleck, she’ll drag out the vacuum cleaner, duster and mop from the cupboards and re-clean the whole house.

Since the window guys have been here hammering away, I cannot get any work done. Each hammer feels like a nail digging into my skull. I’m really struggling. I think I’m going to fail my exams. I mean, they’re engineering subjects, this is no walk in the park. It’s not like studying English literature or something easy like that where you’d be impervious to window repairs. Melbourne universities have a much more stringent grading system when it comes to mathematics and science subjects. That’s what my parents don’t seem to understand. If only I was getting tested on cleaning then I’d have all the answers but alas I’m studying a legitimate subject that’s going to get me a real job. It’s sad but true – I am going to fail my exams. I haven’t learnt a thing since this morning. I’m already running on empty with all this sleep deprivation.

Sleepwalking mean window repairs

sash window repairs MelbourneI want nothing more than to go home to my family, my kids, and to have a nice long sleep on the couch. I’ve got window repairs to organise but I can think of nothing else but sleep. I could maybe nap for a few hours before I have to get up and make dinner. I’ve been tired ever since lunch to get some rest, and I’m worried that once I nap I’ll sleep right on through till morning. I want to sleep so that I’m a better worker, and a more productive human. I’ve been trying out something crazy, I hope that it works; it’s called polyphasic sleep.

It’s part of what caused all the broken window frames, and the need for a call for the best window repairs Melbourne has to offer. Hey, it’s to be expected. I am not exactly making excuses, just telling it how it is. I have been sleeping only 20 minutes every 4 hours, meaning I only sleep 2 hours a night total.  The sleep is spread out throughout the day. It means you can be more productive than normal, because you are awake for 6 extra hours per day. It only takes about two weeks to get used it, when your body is able to get into REM sleep very quickly after resting. It’s tough but it’s meant to be great once you get past that wall. I have not got past the wall and I keep sleep walking and breaking out of the house through the windows. I guess when I sleep walk I’m some sort of escape artist because almost window is in need of repairs. I pretty much have the Melbourne sash window replacements team on speed dial. My wife is close to throwing me out of the house. She wants me to go back to sleeping normally and stopping this crazy experiment. I’ve been resisting because I really could use those extra 6 hours to get things done. My wife is probably right though, maybe I’m just not cut out for being super productive.