Hyperbaric Chambers Look So Cozy

hyperbaric medicine MelbourneThe morning routine is just…so long. I’m genuinely surprised that no one has come up with an all-in-one solution yet. Something that just means you can roll out of bed, or maybe stay IN bed, and everything is done for you. Ding, here’s breakfast. Ding, teeth brushed. Ding, your hair is done, here are your clothes all laid out, facial hair trimmed to your specification…done.

I swear, getting ready in the morning is at the top of the ‘faff’ list, AND it means less sleep.

I got a bit of a brain-wave recently, when I was on a guided tour of the hospital’s new facilities. The place where I work has just jumped on the trend of those hyperbaric chambers to buy in Melbourne…you know, the ones that deliver oxygen therapy. Pretty sue our hospital is seriously behind the times even now, but then that’s exactly what I’d expect from a place with NO designated staff parking. Anyway, some of these hyperbaric chambers are portable, but others are all glass, with enough room for a person to fit comfortably inside. And at first I thought…gee, it’d be awesome if the beds of the future looked like this, and all that machinery down below was to brush your teeth and make you breakfast and do your hair. and the glass chamber was to keep the air at a perfect level so you get the best sleep.

But then I thought…people sleep in these things, right? And they’re in a new section of the building, so it’s not being used, right? I can basically sleep…AT work. And it’s all thanks to portable hyperbaric chambers, creating a wonderful atmosphere of comfort and general goodness. they said they’re opening up this wing in two weeks, so I’ve got that long to move my stuff here. That’s what…half an hour off my commute? Worth it. And I’ll learn how to use the oxygen chambers for maximum effect at the same time, for the benefit of my patients, so everyone can chill. It’s for a good cause in the end.