Winter, a Time of Electricity Consumption

energy monitoringSummer is over for another year…so upsetting. I keep telling myself that it’s never going to end, and then it totally does and winter sets in, and it’s just six months of misery and not being able to get my clothes dry in under a week. I could get a tumble-dryer, but who has time for that? And don’t even get me started on washing machines that double as tumble-dryers. Do I look like I’m made of money?

That would actually be quite nice, because another downside of winter are the bills. The never-ending bills that just pile up, and your only other option is freezing to death, because I’m not going without heating. I might be broke, but I at least I’m not broke and cold. And it’s not like you can just pedal a bit on your bike, or rely on the commercial solar sector, because someone had the bright idea of NOT developing those when it was relevant. Seriously, Melbourne winters have to be some of the worst in the world. I don’t know how the death toll isn’t higher every single year. And yet, there haven’t been any major advancements to commercial energy storage that make it so we don’t have to pay for heating.

The way I see it, there are two ways this should go. Either everyone gets free power, which has been hidden away through the summer months and is now being doled out during the crisis months. OR, heating just becomes a right, like free speech and oxygen. It’s just a thing that everyone has, it’s uniform, every building is fitted with it, no questions asked, just like that. Then all the other countries will hold up Australia- mostly just Melbourne- as an example to follow. Citizens don’t pay for their heating! What a utopia. And I know for a fact that commercial energy monitoring is on the rise. I’ve seen the billboards. Now we just need it to be ubiquitous in time for the frost.