The Greatest of Office Designers

office designAnd my parents said that a degree on commercial office design was a waste of time! Well, they said the same thing about my entire existence, and look how THAT turned out. That’s right: probably correct for most of my life. But now I have a degree, and I’m going to be the very best office designer Melbourne has ever seen. All I have right now is the degree, because it’s a seriously cut-throat industry that’s hard to break into, but one day everyone will know my name. You won’t be able to walk into an office in Melbourne without seeing my design stamp upon it, both in a metaphorical sense (I’m thinking of combining art-deco with neo-Grecian architecture, for a truly distinctive style) and also, in real life. As in, when I design an office, I’ll put my logo on it somewhere. Not in a really obvious way, just like…always there, so people don’t forget that it was me who made them this wonderful, open-plan space that they are currently enjoying. I’ll have to put that in the contract or something otherwise I’m not sure if businesses will go for it.

Ideally, I’m thinking that I have to join one of the many guilds that exist within the world of Melbourne office design. As I said, it’s quite a serious industry, filled with serious business, and you can’t just start designing offices willy-nilly. You find a mentor who’ll teach you the secret ways, and also help you to survive amongst all the other young, up-and-coming office designers who’ll almost certainly be trying to trip you up, and maybe secretly assassinate you if you have enough skill. I suppose that’s how you know for sure if you have the special x-factor to join the industry of Melbourne’s best office fitouts. Not only have you survived multiple assassination attempts, but you also excel at desk placement, and the best window locations for natural light. Unless there’s skylight potential. PRO-TIPS.