There’s a Lawyer for Every Occasion

Melbourne property lawyersAnother rainy day, and in the middle of summer! I’ve half a mind to write a strongly-worded letter to the council and complain. It will contain many very large and important-sounding words, all typed in capitals to express my anger. I’ve known for quite some time that the local council is the one who control the weather, of course. They try to hide it, but I went to a seminar a few years ago where a very trustworthy man with a lovely voice explained it all. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with them manipulating the climate, but they could be a bit more up-front, and they might have the decency to hold off on the rain in summer.

I wonder if anyone ever managed to sue them for that sort of thing? Mind you, there’s a legal procedure for everything nowadays. All around Melbourne, reputable business lawyers with years of experience will be at your door in a jiffy to explain how you can take your lawnmower to court for conking out when it chews up some gravel, or how you can take your sister to the high court for eating the last slice of delicious cheesecake. And good, I say! It’s about time the legal system opened itself up to a bit of variety.

It makes shows like Judge Rudy a lot more interesting when it’s not just petty thefts that are solved in four minutes, so they can get the next schmuck on for a bit of amusing screen-time. The only legal matters in which I’ve ever been embroiled have been the disputes over the will, and even then it was because both Mum and Dad had the absolute worst handwriting you’ve ever seen. It took two months, fifteen family members and Melbourne’s most experienced property lawyer to figure out that they were leaving my brother ‘the shed at the end of the road’ and not ‘Ted that we turned into a toad’.

Golly..I DID find it all a bit boring at the time. Perhaps I’ll stick with the strongly-worded letter and see what that gets done.