Yes, I’m Very Passionate About Kitchens

kitchen interior designIt’s great having some acting work again, even if it’s mostly just ads. Hey, that’s how most actors tend to tide themselves over in between the big stuff. I didn’t like the idea at first…particularly since it felt like a step down. But meh…it’s not like I was a big movie star before anyway. Not even a big celebrity; just small-time stuff in a cabaret act. It was so fun, though…

Still, I have to put my all into something, even if it’s not something that interests me. Case in point: kitchen interior design. Specifically an ad sponsored by a group of designers who want to get the word out that having kitchen and laundry renovations is just as important as feeding the starving children of third-world nations. Yeah, look, it’s a bit weird. I’m not saying it’s a cause I support, or endorse, or…understand. But I’m not morally against it either, so I’m willing to do it for work. Where a bunch of independent designers are getting the money to make ads about this stuff is really inexplicable, to be honest. I know there are places in Melbourne that do kitchen designing and whatever, but they probably have advertising budgets of their own. No…from what I’ve seen, these are just people who want to make the world a better place, via people having beautiful, custom-designed kitchens.

Ah, it’s not like I have to do all that much. I’m playing a family member who uses the sink at one point, and mostly just hands around in the group shots. It’s a really nice sink, though. You might even say it’s a marvel of contemporary kitchen design. That’s not my line, fortunately, although I’m told that I have to think about how wonderful the contemporary kitchen design is while I’m saying the one thing I do say. You know, for the motivation. These people love their craft, clearly.