Dinosaurs, but Also Glass

Melbourne glazierEveryone knows that there are three gifts that are greater than anything else money can buy: gift cards (because they’re essentially money in a prettier form), dinosaur eggs (because they currently do not exist, not any more) and glass staircases. That last one DID surprise me, but actually, I can see the logic. Imagine descending the staircase on Christmas morning, only to find that instead of dull old wooden balustrades, they’ve been changed to glass. Simply magical.

I was convinced of this list by a billboard, which are almost always correct, and now I’m on a crusade to see if I can combine all three into the perfect gift. So that would involve a gift card, for some quality residential glazing…but also, dinosaur eggs. That’s the difficult part, because dinosaurs have very little to do with elegant glass structures or window repair. The only thing I’m coming up with is that you could get glass with carved images of dinosaurs, or perhaps stained glass depicting the triassic period. But then, they’re not dinosaur eggs, which is difficult to acquire. SOme may say impossible. There certainly isn’t anything about installing lovely glass balustrades in your home or business that would make the reality of dinosaur eggs any more real, unless you’re very dedicated so you went to the factory where they make panes of glass to inspect exactly where your product is coming from and you travel to that distant land where panes of glass are made and residential glaziers are trained, and that just happens to be the place where you find a dinosaur egg, on a hunt…that you purchased using a gift card.

Well, that’s all sorted. Now I have created the perfect gift. Need to find myself a quality glazier in Melbourne, then politely explain to them that I’d like to pick out my own pane of glass. For…scientific reasons.