The ice hockey guy

I have no idea hoIce skating Melbournew it happened, living in Melbourne and all, but somehow I’ve snagged the perfect guy with one, giant flaw. He’s an ice hockey fanatic.

Usually, that’s pretty much an instant red flag. I mean come on, ice hockey is only really a thing in Canada, and certainly in Australia, where there’s natural ice on about five mountains for two weeks a year, ice hockey is a super niche sport. All of that basically translates to: he’s a weirdo. Secondly, ice hockey is known for being absolutely freakin’ brutal. All you have to do is Google ‘ice hockey injuries’ and you are suddenly put face to face with some of the most messed up faces that have ever existed on people who are still alive. Seriously. It’s terrifying. And thirdly, ice hockey is a cult. It’s not good enough for Steve that I smile and nod where appropriate during his detailed re-telling of the match, he wants to drag me into his world. He’s even considering the ice skating rink as one of his birthday party venues. Melbourne has so many, really nice places to hold a 21st, and even though I’ve suggested a couple of super nice places, he wants to have a party on the ice? Are you serious?

Well, apparently, he is serious, because between breaths describing famous ice hockey matches or games or whatever, he’s been talking about looking at whether there are any centres that offer function room hire in Melbourne. Un-freakin’-believable.

Why couldn’t it be a normal game, like soccer or AFL? Why did it have to ice hockey? This is just typical of me and my luck though, honestly. I get this great, good looking, smart, sensitive guy, who’s completely obsessed something like this. I’m telling you, it’s almost a deal breaker – or it least, it wouldn’t be if he wasn’t so good looking.  

Sustainable housing with friends

I am in desperate need of some advice for my new home that is being built. It seems a little bit strange to ask my parents for help or advice when neither of them have any experience in construction. My parents aren’t even homeowners, they have rented their entire life. I don’t want to be like that, spending all that money and having nothing after years of spending. I want an investment, an asset. I hate the idea of wasting money paying off some other guy’s mortgage when I could be doing the same. Sure it’s a little more expensive but I am willing to work two jobs to make ends meet. I’m lucky because my partner works at a butcher and gets a lot of free meat at the end of her shift. Speaking of my partner I’m thinking of asking if she wants to buy this house with me. I know it’s a big move but I feel like she’s the one for me and that we’d be happy together. I’m going to take her out to dinner and try and subtly put the idea forward to see how she reacts. I’d ask her to marry me tomorrow if that were possible but until things charge living together will have to do. I’ve got an appointment this afternoon for a few beauty treatments to make myself feel more confident before I ask the big question. Pretty soon I’m going to need my monthly laser hair removal, Melbourne has some pretty impressive cosmetic treatment places. It’s not that I buy into the whole pressure from society to look a certain way. When I go and get cosmetic treatments done I do it to make myself feel good, not for any other reason. I don’t think people should be judged because they decide they want to look younger and get anti aging treatments. Melbourne is full of beautiful, independent woman who can look however they want. My girlfriend loves the way I look no matter what and I’m thankful to be with someone so supportive.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the kind of house that I want to own when I’m older. Both of my parents are environmental activists, I’ve grown up caring about our planet. That’s not to say that I’m perfect, I just like to do what I can for the world. If I’m going to have a house built it’s going to be done the eco friendly way. I want every material used in my green house in Melbourne to be from a sustainable source. Reclaimed and reused materials have because quite popular recently and have been featured in a number of style magazines. The only problem with this publicity is that reclaimed parts are much harder to find now. I’m always keeping an eye out for school closures so I can buy one of their portables to use as a base for my Melbourne environmental home. I’ve been researching all the possibilities and I already have a list of must have features including a water tank and solar panels. It’ll all come down to budget and what my better half wants in the end, I’m hoping my parents will help out a little. I have my fingers crossed that my girlfriend will be as excited by this idea as I am.

Cleaning the carpets the right way

My partner and I desperately need to get our bond back from the evil landlady upstairs. I don’t know why she’s so darn evil all the time, maybe she had a tough life. I think it may have something to do with the fact that she lives alone and isn’t married, she never smiles either. Ask anybody and they’ll tell you that a lack of smiles can definitely cause sadness, just like smiling bring happiness. In any case, it doesn’t appear like she’s’ been happy for a long time. She’s insisted on us hiring a carpet cleaner in Melbourne to sort out the stains before we move out. We had a few parties here and there and there are a few spots on the carpet and upholstery. Only after they’re clean will she let us have our bond back. We really need that bond so that we can put the money towards another bond on a house that we plan on moving into. I don’t want to say it’s expensive or anything, but let’s just say that this bond we will get back will go a long way towards getting the other place. Our new potential landlord says that it’s really important that we can pay the bond on time, as it’s a sign of trust and responsibility.

That’s part of the reason why we really need to hire someone for upholstery cleaning, Melbourne is the perfect city to live and I don’t want to ruin our renter reputation. We need to be out of this place on the 15th of this month, and we can move into our new place on the 20th. I have no idea where we will be storing our stuff for those nights, but we’ll make it work somehow. I wonder if the new tenants will be cool with us leaving our furniture in for an extra night before we actually move. Probably not, they can’t have us over, therefore they probably can’t keep our stuff safe. Oh well, I guess we’ll figure something out eventually. Maybe the cleaners will house us for the night. I’ll be that a house owned by a cleaner would be clean, that’s for certain.

The wedding planner

Event management is a creative, time-consuming task, yet highly rewarding. It requires one to think completely outside the box whilst at all times keeping to the client’s check-list. Weddings are often the most challenging events to organise, as the client will change their mind on certain aspects right up until the day itself. When it comes to marquee hire there are so many options of marquees that the client can get confused about styles, shapes and what size to go for. It is my job to step in and be a calming and assertive influence. If I am organising a wedding in Melbourne or Victoria. I make sure that I hire with Marquees and Events as they specialise in quality marquee hire.

Being an event organiser has its difficulties but whenever working on Melbourne marquees for clients I find a sense of enjoyment and creativity. A marquee is like a blank canvas for me to add a personalised touch, of course depending on the clients taste and preference. I worked on a wedding marquee hire in Brighton last week where the client wanted a 6x9m timber dance floor and 150 meters of fairy lights hanged around the perimeter of her back garden.

In certain cases, I strongly advise Melbourne clients to use wedding marquee hire especially when there is a large number of guests to cater for. This is because it leaves them with the flexibility in terms of capacity but also leaves me room to add a personalised touch special to the bride and grooms big day. I love my job and would not change it for the world. Until this day, touch-wood. I have not come across a bridezilla, although I know it is only a matter of time before I do. Never the less I would strongly urge you to use a marquee hire of some kind if you are due to be tying the knot any time soon.

Tension relieved with clear drains

drain unblocking MelbourneThe tall plumber that was dealing with out blocked sewer had been at the house for over an hour. The guy had been walking back and forth from check the drainage on each sink, making sure the drains ran clear and using strange tools. It was rather interesting to watch, I didn’t know there was so much involved with clearing drains. The plumber had come fully equipped, with a nice leather tool belt and a shiny box. The van outside looked was packed, in a very neat and organised kind of way. It was stocked with tools to tackle all kinds of problems with blocked drain, Melbourne has many different types after all.  They used high pressure water jets to blast the gunk that was stopping water flowing down the drain. Secretly I wanted to give it a try myself.

I wasn’t entirely certain how long the guy would take to unblock all the drains, but I thought it would take a longer than it did. I followed the team down my hallway and to my ensuite bathroom. The man turned on the taps hard and we watching the water drain away for a minute. I nearly jumped for joy at the sight of the water draining properly. I let out a scream of delight that startled the plumber and thanked him for his help. The guy had a good laugh and told me it was his pleasure. It was clear that this Melbourne drain cleaning company was prepared to take on all types of jobs. When the plumber left, I ran back to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, it was the first thing I could think of. I felt a lot less stressed with working plumbing, I could feel the tension leave my body as the water flowed down the sink.

Sleepwalking mean window repairs

sash window repairs MelbourneI want nothing more than to go home to my family, my kids, and to have a nice long sleep on the couch. I’ve got window repairs to organise but I can think of nothing else but sleep. I could maybe nap for a few hours before I have to get up and make dinner. I’ve been tired ever since lunch to get some rest, and I’m worried that once I nap I’ll sleep right on through till morning. I want to sleep so that I’m a better worker, and a more productive human. I’ve been trying out something crazy, I hope that it works; it’s called polyphasic sleep.

It’s part of what caused all the broken window frames, and the need for a call for the best window repairs Melbourne has to offer. Hey, it’s to be expected. I am not exactly making excuses, just telling it how it is. I have been sleeping only 20 minutes every 4 hours, meaning I only sleep 2 hours a night total.  The sleep is spread out throughout the day. It means you can be more productive than normal, because you are awake for 6 extra hours per day. It only takes about two weeks to get used it, when your body is able to get into REM sleep very quickly after resting. It’s tough but it’s meant to be great once you get past that wall. I have not got past the wall and I keep sleep walking and breaking out of the house through the windows. I guess when I sleep walk I’m some sort of escape artist because almost window is in need of repairs. I pretty much have the Melbourne sash window replacements team on speed dial. My wife is close to throwing me out of the house. She wants me to go back to sleeping normally and stopping this crazy experiment. I’ve been resisting because I really could use those extra 6 hours to get things done. My wife is probably right though, maybe I’m just not cut out for being super productive.

The sport of conveyancing

conveyancing MelbourneIf you could win an Olympic gold medal in absolutely any pursuit, what would it be? I have an app that gives you a daily pondering, which you can mull over throughout the day. At whatever time, you can enter your answer and view the ones other people have sent in. Today’s are pretty great, with a lot of them to do with eating, or Netflix binge watching. One guy even said he wants the gold medal in unbroken days-in-a-row of coffee consumption. Talk about rewarding an addiction.

I do housing stuff for a living, so maybe…a gold medal for people who are conveyancing lawyer? Melbourne has a few of them for it to be a competitive field. With most people not even knowing how the process of conveyancing works, it could easily be a contest to see who can help someone with the property transfer the quickest. I can see it now: judges holding up cards with numbers, judging how well you handled the whole process. From inviting the client into your office to the moment they stepped in the door of their new home, everything would be under scrutiny. I’ll admit, it wouldn’t be the greatest spectator sport. Even the most dedicated of conveyancers would quickly switch off once the camera continued lingering on the competitor for the sixth straight hour of shuffling through paperwork. Seriously, there’s a frightful amount of paperwork involved. You don’t want to get anything wrong. Still, that’d be the judge’s problem. They have to sit there for the whole thing, after which I’d imagine everyone would start tuning in once the grand finale rolled around. Final points would be awarded for the handshake the sealed the deal. You’d be graded on firmness, length of hand-to-hand contact and the level of professional friendliness in the gesture.
So yeah, that’ll be my answer. If Melbourne property conveyancers ever came up for a bit of a competition, I’d throw my hat in the ring. Don’t mind a bit of a contest!